4 Reasons Food Delivery is the Hottest Trend for Foodies

The most demanding eaters – the “foodies” – have discovered home delivery from their favorite restaurants, and the world will never be the same! Before getting into the reasons for this trend, it’s interesting to understand foodies.

Writing in “Honest Cooking,” and with his tongue placed squarely in cheek, Reid Nichols said, “Just like everyone with a digital camera thinks they are a photographer, everyone who likes to eat seems to call themselves a foodie. I’m sorry, but just because you like to eat, doesn’t mean you are a foodie – it probably means you need to go to the gym.”

A foodie is a gourmet. He or she is someone who loves to try new restaurants, knows about the sources of the ingredients prepared at these restaurants and, more often than not, is an excellent cook themselves. Nichols adds that they are “keen to fads, education and culinary tourism.”

They are also busy, just like the rest of us, with work, kids, school and life in general. This is what makes a service such as MenuRunners so cool!


The 4 Reasons Foodies Have Discovered MenuRunners Home Delivery

#1 Many People Simply Enjoy Eating at Home
After a busy day at school, at work or both, the idea of going out is overwhelming for most of us – even foodies. If hot, delicious food can be delivered to our home from our favorite restaurants, this is the best of ALL worlds!

#2 Home Delivery is Healthier Than Fast Food
More and more of us have realized that driving up to a fast-food restaurant for dinner can drive up the calories consumed. MenuRunners deliver healthy food from Chili’s, Dickey’s Barbeque, Firehouse Subs, Miguel’s Mex Tex Café, Golden Chopsticks, BWW, Taco Bell and many more excellent restaurants in Abilene and Amarillo with no drive time and, most likely, less calories.

#3 Children Change Everything
Having young children in the family makes dining out a big hassle. If it’s later than their normal eating time, they’re likely cranky and HUNGRY! Plus, having all those other people talking and eating can make small children uneasy. The best way to meet this challenge is to bring the restaurant home to you. The kids get what they want, and you get what you want, without the drama.

You can get the Apple or Android app for MenuRunners in your city and save a ton of time.

#4 Convenience is Critical
Working long hours at school, work or a military base helps you appreciate every modern convenience – from Alexa to home food delivery from MenuRunners. Instead of rushing home, trying to determine if there is even anything IN the refrigerator to cook and then spending another hour preparing it, the most convenient approach is to hit the app and have your dinner show up when you do!

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