4 Tips for the Best World Cup and Wimbledon Party EVER!

A strong case can be made that two biggest sports events on the planet – The World Cup and Wimbledon – are happening during the first two weeks of July. This can only mean one thing. It’s time to have a party!

Whether you’re a soccer fan, tennis fan or don’t even know that much about the players and teams, is really not that important. The BIG question: Can you scream GOOOOOAAALLL ! loud enough for the neighbors to call the cops? Yes? Cool. You’re ready.

The challenge of having a World Cup or Wimbledon watching party has to do with the summer weather. In Texas, it’s hotter than blue blazes in July! Therefore, any party needs to either be inside or near a pool. This party is therefore more “couchgating” than tailgating.

As a public service, we have four tips to make your couchgate party a roaring success. This means when your friends see you on campus, at the base or at work they will point to you and scream “GOOOOOAAALLL!


4 Party Ideas to Rock the Tournaments

#1 Get the Brackets and Seeds

Some of you die-hards just HAVE to know what teams and players are competing against each other. For you soccer fanatics, click here for the teams’ current status. (Remember, we’re in the knockout stage where it’s one and done). The player seeds for Wimbledon can be found here

 #2 Order Out for the Party Food

Let’s be honest, food is THE most important element of any party, especially one related to sports. Your guests need fuel to keep up with the action, and no host wants to spend hours and hours in the kitchen before and during the party. You can ace this serve. Use the MenuRunners app and get fresh, hot food from places like Chili’s, Dickey’s Barbeque, Firehouse Subs, Miguelo’s and a bunch more.

You and your guests can chow down on the most delicious restaurant fare while cheering on your favorite team or player. And YOU don’t have to spend hours and hours in the kitchen. Win/Win. 

#3 Get Themed Decorations

The best place to find cool decoration ideas for both The World Cup and Wimbledon is Pinterest. This site is a cornucopia of soccer and tennis party ideas. In fact, they probably have a few designs that include an actual cornucopia! Click here for some easy-to-execute couchgating decorating ideas.

#4 You Gotta Have Themed Party Favors and Games!

Every couchgate needs some party favors that (1) are tied to the event and (2) serve as a potential game-of-skill when there is an inevitable lull in the action.

For a Wimbledon party, the best party favor/game of skill is the classic paddle ball. Every guest should receive their paddle ball when they arrive and be given a chance to work on this under-appreciated athletic skill! Later, after everyone has had a few too many, the “International Paddle Ball” contest should commence with the winner receiving tennis-themed prizes such as a can of tennis balls. The cost for these priceless party favors? Only .99. Click here.

For the World Cup party, having guests kick a soccer ball in the back yard is okay, but not inside! Therefore, each guest can receive a tiny soccer ball to remember the party, but the game-of-skill is the simplest party gimmick ever. It’s a contest where every guest is invited to scream GOOOOOAAALLL! for time. The longest, continuous scream is the winner, and that lucky individual gets his or her very own regulation soccer ball.

(Note: Making oxygen available for some guests after this game might be advisable!)

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