Come Celebrate the Hotter ‘N Hell Hundred

It’s HOT and it’s TIME to ride!

If you’re planning on participating in the annual “Ride” of Passage in Wichita Falls, Texas on August 23 – 26, 2018, you better start hydrating NOW. Why? Because it’s going to be Hotter‘N Hell!

Started in 1982, to celebrate the centennial of the city of Wichita Falls, The Hotter‘N Hell Hundred combines grueling rides in the North Texas summer heat with a festival that adds more fun every year. In 2017, more than 11,000 people participated in the festival. The race is the largest single day 100 mile bicycle ride in the nation!

For riders, click here to sign up. You can sign up online until August 19, 2018 and then sign up at the event beginning on August 23. There will be HHH Endurance Rides of 100 miles, 75 miles, 100K, 50 miles, 25 miles and 10K. Plus, there will be the Wee-Chi-Tah (a Comanche phrase from where Wichita Falls got its name) mountain bike races and trail runs.

For non-riders (we’ll just call you fun-lovers!), there are hundreds of things to do at the HHH, including watching the races from various places along the routes and at the finish lines.

Click here for a schedule of other events at the HHH.

This Calls for a Picnic!

Whether you’re competing or watching the crazy cyclists attempt to survive, your buddies at MenuRunners know you need to eat! These races are a perfect excuse to have a late summer picnic (under a nice, cool shade tree) with your friends. You can get delicious food from your favorite Wichita Falls restaurant delivered to your home, hotel or viewing spot at the races just by clicking on the MenuRunners app.

You can get the Apple or Android app for MenuRunners in your city and save a ton of time.

PLUS, during the races, MenuRunners will have deals on deliveries that are also hotter than, well, they’re seriously HOT. Beginning August 23 through August 26, check Facebook and Twitter for the delivery deal of the day.

More HHH Race Resources

The organizers of the Hotter ‘N Hell Hundred have thought of everything!

Need to rent a bike? Click here

Need a place to keep the kids happy and fed while you enjoy the races? Click here

Want a place to post those daredevil photos for your lazy friends back home? Click here

And, oh yeah, if you want the best food in Wichita Falls delivered to your door or the races, Click here!

We’ll see you at the Hotter ‘N Hell Hundred in Wichita Falls, Texas, August 23 – 26. Bring some sunscreen and your appetite!

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