The 2 Best Things About a Halloween Party: Creative Costumes and Festive Food

It’s downright scary to think of ALL the Halloween parties that are happening now. Plus, it’s always a challenge to find a costume that is outrageous, hysterical or even brilliant. This is made even more difficult when you are going to these parties with a date or your BFF, because you really need to coordinate the two costumes. Am I right, or am I right?

Have no fear!

In order to get the rapt attention of all of the other party-goers (and that IS the point of dressing up after all), it is extremely important to think of costumes that have TWO elements. Since MenuRunners delivers hot, delicious FOOD from your favorite restaurants, we decided to focus on this category with our costume suggestions.

Just try these on for size. When executed properly, they will make you and your date the buzz of every Halloween party you attend.

20 Creative Costume Ideas for Couples

Here are some food costumes that should set other partygoers’ tongues to wagging. How about going as…

  1. Wine & Cheese
  2. Bacon & Eggs
  3. Beer & Pretzel
  4. Milk & Cereal
  5. Hotdogs & Hamburgers
  6. Pizza & Delivery Guy
  7. Mac & Cheese
  8. Avocado & Toast
  9. Guacamole & Chips
  10. Parsley & Sage
  11. Scotch & Water
  12. Colonel Sanders & Chick
  13. Peanut butter & Jelly
  14. Sushi & California roll
  15. Two halves of an Oreo
  16. Grapes & Grapes of Wrath (angry grapes)
  17. Starbuck’s Grande & Venti
  18. Burgers & Fries 
  19. Red beans & Rice
  20. Coffee & Donuts

Scare Up Some Great Food for Your Halloween Party

Forget about bobbing for apples! Every spooky Halloween party needs great food to make it fun. This is where MenuRunners can help. How about some…

  • Wickedly good sub sandwiches
  • Spirit-of-Halloweens-Past pizza
  • Werewolf wings
  • Dia de los Muertos Mexican food
  • Eye of newt sushi (you may have to go to the farmer’s market for this one)

All of this great food is as close as your phone. Just hit the MenuRunners app or order directly from the MenuRunners website, and hot delicious food from your favorite restaurants will supernaturally appear at your creepy front door.

Halloween only comes around once a year and if you miss this opportunity to show off your costume chops, come November 1st, you’ll have nothing to say but “BOO-Hoo!”

Let’s get this Halloween party started!  You get dressed to kill and we’ll bring the food. Just click here.

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