Want to Win the Tailgating Championship This Year? Here’s How to Score Big!

Finally. Our long, national nightmare is over. It seemed like the spring and summer would never end. But, thankfully, the planets are aligned again.

Please join me in standing, taking a big, deep breath and then saying the words that we have all been longing to say since last February: 


Whether it’s Friday Night Lights, College Football Saturday or NFL Sunday, Monday AND Thursday, football fanatics will be celebrating the 2018 season with game day parties. This can only mean one thing…it’s time to hit the MenuRunners app and get some food delivered!

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As any true fan knows, there are at least two kinds of football parties – tailgating and couch-gating. As a public service, your friends at MenuRunners have suggestions for both.

Let’s Tailgate or Couchgate at Home

There not many experiences better than actually going to a football game. High school, college and NFL games all have their own charm and traditions, and these can be celebrated with friends and family at the pregame and postgame tailgate party. There is also lots of fun to be had by inviting a few (or dozens of) friends over for a couchgate party at your home.

There are many important rules to remember in order to pull off a great tailgate or couchgate party, but the most important one deals with food. It’s no accident that the words FOOTBALL and FOOD both begin with the same three letters – F-O-O. Coincidence? I don’t think so!!

This is the cosmos screaming, “Yo! Yo! Don’t forget the food!!! And get it delivered from MenuRunners before heading to the game.”

Here are some food ideas that will have your tribe screaming the school fight song in glee:

  • Baby back ribs – Get at least one rack per guest.
  • BBQ brisket – Is there anything better? Get a least a pound per person.
  • Burgers & fries – Everyone loves burgers, and you’ll need at least one order per guest.
  • Buffalo wings – This is the quintessential tailgate delicacy, and you’ll need a whole herd.
  • Sub sandwiches – Mix and match these babies: ham, turkey, salami and roast beef, and watch them disappear!
  • Fajitas, enchiladas, tortillas, chips and GALLONS of hot sauce.
  • Mixed vegetable trays – Because there is always some nerd who only eats raw veggies, and he needs some nourishment too!

As to the choice of beverages, you can’t go wrong with soft drinks, water or tea. However, should you choose to serve your guests adult beverages, make sure it is legal to consume them in the location of your party. Some schools don’t allow alcoholic beverages in the parking lot or on streets near the stadium.

The Games People Play

Whether you’re celebrating game day at the stadium or in the comfort of your own living room or patio, you really need some games for your guests to play before the opening kickoff, during halftime and during the post-game cool down. This website is a great resource for some of the traditional tailgate games – cornhole toss, pocket passer, beer pong, washer toss – as well as some of the weirder games, such as “Frisbeer” and “Dizzybat” (CAUTION: Do not try this without adult supervision!!).

Click here to get ideas and ordering info for about 30 tailgate/couchgate games.

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